2018 Young Workers’ School at Camp Jubilee

To all CUPE Local 454 Members 30 years of age and younger:

The BCFED Young Workers School will be held September 14-16, 2018 at Camp Jubilee.
The CUPE 454 Executive is pleased to offer members 30 years of age or younger the opportunity to attend this camp. CUPE 454 will pay for registration, which will include meals and accommodations as well as provide leave of absence should it apply to your work schedule.
There are always lots of fun outdoor activities for attendees and is a great opportunity to meet with other participants from around the province.
Each participant will register for one intensive workshop that will be held over three days. Classes are held in non-traditional spaces. Some class time may be scheduled outdoors.
This year’s workshops:
Health and Safety: Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
Workplace bullying and harassment can take many forms, including verbal aggression, spreading malicious rumours, personal attacks, hazing, cyber bullying and other intimidating or humiliating behaviours. If workplace bullying and harassment is not addressed, it can lead to lost productivity, anxiety, and other serious issues.
It is important that all workers understand what workplace bullying and harassment is and what it is not. It is also equally important for workers to know what steps they need to take when witnessing or experiencing bullying and harassment.
Workplace bullying and harassment is an occupational hazard and therefore all sections of the Workers Compensation Act that protect workers from exposure to hazards are applicable.

Stepping up: Ready to run for a leadership position in your union or community? Learn the critical aspects of putting together a campaign to win.
Are you ready to take on a leadership position in your union or community? There are many opportunities for young workers to get involved. But running a winning campaign requires a solid plan.
Figuring out where to start and how to ask for support can feel overwhelming. This workshop will provide simple, straightforward tools to help you develop your messaging, build your team and engage with voters.

Labour History through an Equity Lens
BC has a long and complex labour history when it comes to equity-seeking groups. Many labour practices have been entrenched in racism and division – from the abuse of Chinese workers building the railroad across BC to discrimination against Indigenous workers in fish plants. In the face of this adversity there are remarkable examples of communities organizing to achieve recognition, better working conditions, and to win protection for discrimination at work. This course will delve in to BC’s history – the good and the bad – through an equity lens.

Introduction to Unions and the Labour Movement
New to getting involved with your union? This course will teach you about the history of the labour movement and how it works. The course will cover basic labour history and the achievements of the movement. It will also cover the structure of unions in Canada. Learn about decision making, stewards, and all those acronyms! This course is suitable for first timers at our Young Worker School.

Facilitation Skills – Leading workshops that kick ass!
It can be challenging to deliver an effective workshop, especially to your peers. The good news is that there are many strategies you can use to make your workshops a success! Learn techniques that will help you lead workshops with confidence and ensure that participants are engaged. This is a great course for those interested in becoming facilitators for their union, community organization or for the BCFED.

Special Project: Promoting the Labour Movement through Video
Ever wanted to learn what goes into producing a campaign video? Do you have acting or writing chops? Are you a social media whiz? This course is for you. Over the course of the weekend, a small team of young workers will work with a videographer to create a video about the benefits of unions–featuring you! Participants will workshop the idea, write the script, assist in shoot and act in the video. This course is offered in conjunction with the Labour Heritage Centre.

These courses always sell out quickly so, we will need to receive your application no later than noon, Wednesday, June 27. Successful candidates will be contacted by July 6. Please do not register on the BC FED sit – We will register you and provide you with further details closer to the camp start date.

Please complete Application Form – Young Workers’ School at Camp Jubilee

In solidarity,

John Gibson, President