“R-Code” Rate Increase

Hello All,

Our local 454 initiated talks with respect to the “R Code” positions with the City of Delta regarding wage improvements and I’m happy to report that we have successfully had the wages increased.

This will serve as a small victory as the local is strongly pursuing in recognizing that all of the “R Code” members be part of the collective bargaining unit and thus shall receive negotiated wage increases in the future amongst other benefits.

In Solidarity,

Sam Abulail | Acting President



2022 CUPE 454 Bargaining Survey

Is now closed. The results have been presented to the 2022 Bargaining Committee Members.

Thank you to all of you who participated!

2022 Bargaining Committees

CUPE Local 454 annually elects members to sit on two Bargaining Committees that represent the members from the two bargaining units which are the City of Delta and Delta Police Department, Civilian Members.

In February 2022 in addition to the President, Ex Officio for all committees, the following committee members were elected:

City of Delta Committee – Sam Abulail (Now Acting President), Kathleen Chan, Greg Harrison, and Talvir Nijjer

Delta Police – Danielle Fantillo and Liz Stockdale

2022 CUPE BC Convention Report

CUPE BC Convention
April 2022 Victoria, BC

by Liz Stockdale, Acting Secretary

We are one hundred and four thousand strong in this province and the only way we win is when we stand together.” Karen Ranalletta, President CUPE BC

My experience at Convention this time was in a lot of ways a stark contrast to the previous in-person convention I attended in 2017. Five years ago, at my first convention I remember feeling frankly disheartened, as I felt that some marginalized voices, including the voices of women in our union, were still fighting to be heard or valued. That was not the case at the 2022 convention, where I saw/heard women’s voices, indigenous voices, the voices of the most marginalized workers in our union being heard, valued and supported. I found inspiration to continue my own commitment to the membership through a real mandate to create equity, diversity and reconciliaction. Our local has some work to do. Bargaining will be a challenge, but one we can meet together. The executive will need you to be active with us, voting on proposed changes to our bylaws towards more inclusivity and generally working together as a solid membership towards breaking down barriers for full participation in our local and our workplaces.