We are CUPE 454.

We are CUPE 454.

Welcome to our website. Take a look around and let us know what you think. We invite your feedback!

We are the union that represents over 900 workers of the City of Delta and Delta Police Board civilians.

If you have any ideas for topics or articles on the site, let us know. Send us an email cupelocal454@dccnet.com or contact an Executive or Job Steward from the links on the Contact Us section.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

2024 Nominations

Positions up for election CUPE 454 2024 Positions Open to Nominations

If you are interested in running for a position, or know someone who could make a difference by getting involved, place the name and position into nomination with one of the following people on the Nominations Committee:

Gordon Klammer – Works Yard



Ryan Biehl – City Hall


Work Phone: 778-231-3438

Chantel Bourdon – Ladner Leisure Centre



Ella Rabilizarov – SRC

Cell: 778-302-2904 

At our January Membership Meeting, all persons nominated through the committee should be in attendance to ensure that their names are placed into nomination, so they can accept the nomination. This meeting is very important, and everyone should attend.

It is a rewarding experience to assist your co-workers by getting involved in your union local. We all need to be active in our union, to keep it a strong and vibrant union. 

Get involved!


CUPE 454 – Member Update

October 25, 2023

On October 18, CUPE Local 454, the City and the Police Board all held ratification meetings. We had a record number of members come out and vote which was incredible to see. Both agreements (City and Police Board) have now been ratified by both the employer and the union.

City of Delta workers voted 89 percent in favour of the new contract and Police Board workers voted 95 percent in favour of the new contract.

The Bargaining Committees want to thank members for their support during this round of negotiations. Your support had a large impact on negotiations and made a significant difference at the bargaining table.

The new collective agreement will available on our website at 454.cupe.ca as soon as possible.

The local’s next membership meeting will be held on Nov 15, followed by our annual Christmas social in December with venue and date TBD. 

We look forward to seeing you all there!


CUPE 454 National Day of Mourning Ceremony

Join us at our National Day of Mourning ceremony to fight for safer workplaces and to recognize those who have been killed or injured on the job and those who are suffering from illness from occupational disease.

The ceremony takes place at 10:45 am on Friday, April 28 at our memorial in Rotary Park at Delta City Hall.

The National Day of Mourning offers us an opportunity to stand together with the world’s workers to remember those who have died on the job, and to reflect on

what needs to be done to prevent more deaths and injuries. On April 28th, we reaffirm our solidarity and commitment to workplace health and safety and clearly state to all that we mourn the dead and fight for the living.

We hope to see you there.

CUPE National OHS committee spearheaded day of recognition for workers killed or injured on the job. CLC recognized the day in 1984 Federal Government enacted legislation in 1991 recognizing the day officially, now it is, in over 100 countries

The Yellow Canary is the symbol of the Day of Mourning. Canaries were used by miners as a warning system to alert them to the presence of poisonous gases in the mines. Now they are used to alert us and remind all of us of the importance of safety in the workplace, and the hazards that we face there.

CUPE 2023 Election Results

CUPE Local 454 – 2023 Elections

February 15 Annual General Meeting Election Results

President – Term ends 2024: Sam Abulail – By Acclamation

Secretary – 2 Yr. Term: Liz Stockdale – By Acclamation

1st Vice-President – 2 Yr. Term: Talvir Nijjer – By Acclamation

2nd Vice-President – 1 Yr. Term: Cherie Raines – By Acclamation

Exec At Large – Inside – 1 Yr. Term: Joel Morrell – By Acclamation

ELECTION: Exec At Large – Outside – 1 Yr. Term – Greg Harrison / Elected

ELECTION: Exec At Large – Diversity – 1 Yr. Term – Michelle Taylor / Elected

ELECTION: Executive  Job Steward – 1 Yr. Term – Luke Tetrault / Elected

Exec At Large Parks – 1 Yr. Term: Jaimie McIntyre – By Acclamation

Exec At Large – Parks (Outside) – 1 Yr. Term: Mike Robinson – By Acclamation

Exec At Large – Police – 1 Yr. Term: Danielle Fantillo – By Acclamation

Trustee – 3 Yr. Term 2023 to 2026: Todd Selig – By Acclamation

Labour Management Committee – 1 Yr. (Police):  Liz Stockdale – By Acclamation

Bargaining Committee – Police – 1 Yr. Term: Danielle Fantillo & Liz Stockdale – By Acclamation

Bargaining Committee – City – 1 Yr. Term: Kathleen Chan & Talvir Nijjer –  By Acclamation / Greg Harrison – Subject to Election as Executive at Large – Outside

Education Committee – 1 Yr. Term: Jaimie McIntyre & Shelley Simpson – By Acclamation

Public Relations & Community Committee – 1 Yr. Term: Gordon Klammer, Luke Tetrault, Mike Robinson, Kathleen – By Acclamation

CUPE Metro Council – 1 Yr. Term: Vacant / No candidates

New West  District Labour Council – 1 Yr. Term: Vacant / No candidates