Executive and Stewards

2023 – 2024 Executive and Job Stewards:

President: Sam Abulail | cupe454president@dccnet.com
1st Vice President: Talvir Nijjer
Secretary: Liz Stockdale  | 454recsec@dccnet.com
Treasurer: Kathleen Chan | kchan.cupe454@gmail.com
2nd Vice President: Cherie Raines
Exec at Large Inside: Aaron Holt
Exec at Large Parks: Jaimie McIntyre
Exec at Large Parks (Outside): Mike Robinson
Exec at Large Outside: Richard Dalby
Exec at Large Police: Danielle Fantillo
Exec at Large – Diversity: Dakota Payer
Executive Job Steward: Luke Tetrault

Trustees: Shelley Simpson, Cliff De Silva, Todd Selig

Job Stewards:

To contact your Executive or Job Steward, please call 604-943-4526 or email: cupelocal454@dccnet.com

You can also get more information on the role of the Job Steward by clicking here